Big Data, advanced analytics lead supply chain trends

Supply chain professionals anticipate big data and advanced analytics to have the biggest influence on their work in 2024, followed by digitization, data management and process standardization, according to an American Productivity & Quality Center survey. More than half of respondents anticipated significant challenges implementing new technologies.

Does your team have these 5 core leadership qualities?

Alaina Love’s coaching client, Matt, was in a conundrum; he wanted to assess the capabilities of his team and find a potential successor, so Love helped him identify five core characteristics of leadership he needed to look for in his team, including a strategic mindset, the courage to take the lead while still emphasizing collaboration and potential for growth. «Given the challenges the organization faced, Matt was keen to identify team members willing to take on projects in new areas where they had little prior experience,» Love writes.

Study: Humans still critical to digital Supply Chains

Auburn University academics highlight the steps toward true digital supply chain transformation and find the intelligent workflows that combine «interactions between humans and technology» that «go beyond the realm of human-led AI and simple automation» will be the key to success. «Automated technology acting independently from human input could only work in specific scenarios» as «most real-world processes exist within an extensive, complex context that also involves human users/interactions and integration with other systems.» the researchers write.